Culture, Connections, and Compliance

HR Proactive Inc.'s Learning Management System software connects employees
to build skills, culture, and compliance.

HR Proactive Inc. has been helping organizations
build culture and connections with compliance training
products and services for over twenty-five years.

Quality Content

The quality breadth and timeliness of content updating is paramount to the learner process.

Learner Engagement

Motivate learners and keep them engaged in the learning experience.

User Experience

Our system helps you to assign, track, and report employee progress.

Learner Outcomes

Align compliance training with your business outcomes.

Create a learning culture that puts "People First"

HR Proactive helps you create a learning culture that puts “people first”, encourages growth, and the ability to manage change. Our robust Learning Management System (LMS) houses your company’s Human Resources and Health & Safety training and polices in one place. The back-end database is set up via the video and quizzes to track the progress of employees. Simplify the process of managing your company’s policies with live signature sign-off and training with tracking and reporting features.

LMS Platform for “People First” Compliance Training

Our Learning Management System (LMS) offers the following benefits:

  • Training & Policies in one Cloud-Based Solution
  • Meet your H&S and HR compliance standards
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Live signature sign-off on policies
  • Ease of Use
  • Affordable subscription pricing
  • White Label Solution
  • Track employee progress
  • Group Management Account
  • Onboarding made easy
  • Employee secure sign-in
  • Printable Certificate of Completion
  • Duration of videos average 20-minutes 
  • Record keeping features

Mobile & Digital Training

Employees experience engaging video content and compliance training whether onsite, online, or on their mobile device, to build genuine human connections and a culture of inclusivity and respect.

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